United Aid Foundation to Deliver Aid to the Bahamas

United Aid Foundation is headed to the Bahamas to deliver aid that is desperately needed and set up shelter for people who have lost their homes and livelihoods due to Hurricane Dorian.

We have been asked to provide disaster relief tents, air mattresses food, stoves, solar lights, supplies for babies and children as well as generators and hygiene items; the basic needs in life.


Our team of volunteers will depart on a large boat out of Florida loaded with supplies. Others will follow by plane to help set up. We will be working with an NGO that is already on the ground.


We thank all of the donors and volunteers making this possible for the people of the Bahamas who are trapped in their country without food, water or shelter. We especially would like to thank Brad Carlton of Carlton Industries for his assistance here and in the Bahamas.

We appreciate your support: http://www.unitedaidfoundation.org/support-us/