What is the best way to fight terrorism? For the children of  Lahore, Pakistan, the answer is; education.

Hope Grammar school serves the poorest of Pakistani children. Parents make a huge sacrifice in allowing them to attend. The kids could be on the streets bringing home a few valuable rupees by shining shoes, or selling fruit, or even their bodies in some cases.

Children who grow this way often turn to extremism or terrorism out of a sense of anger or helplessness.

Many Pakistani parents are willing to give up the family income to send their children to school, but they cannot afford the books, supplies or tuition.

Hope Grammar School provides all that, through the 5th grade for some 60 students on a budget of less than $3,000 US dollars per year. The budget includes teacher salaries and building maintenance.

United Aid Foundation (UAF) grants have given the children at Hope Grammar School backpacks, pencils, paper and other needed supplies. Plus the school was able to add on an additional classroom to the school for just a few hundred dollars. One of the laborers who helped in construction of the new classroom asked if his children could attend.

Hope Grammar School Executive Director Shakeel Bahatti asks UAF to thank the generous donors who have made this happen. He has dreams of expanding the school to include all grades.

Hope Grammar School not only provides education for the poor children at risk in a troubled part of the world, it truly offers hope for a better life.