Heading to the Carolinas

John Alex

Message from UAF founder John Alex

Friends of United Aid Foundation,

The historic flooding from Hurricane Florence continues as I write this. We’ve been anxious to respond due to the requests for aid from local officials, churches, and community groups but have been unable to get past the flooded roadways.That ends now. The UAF advance team leaves today  to determine where we can do the most good. Our first work team leaves next week. Volunteers from NY, NJ, MA, FL, LA, MO, and TX (including Texas volunteers whom we helped after Harvey and want to pay it forward) will help cut clear trees, tarp roofs, gut and mold remediation for houses in under-served neighborhoods where we know they are last in line for help and rebuilding.

We know all too well from New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Houston, and Puerto Rico what these communities are facing. The loss of most of their possessions, months in FEMA hotels or trailers, no flood insurance, and limited FEMA grants for rebuilding. We will at least defray the costs of clean up and, funds permitting, we will be able to duplicate our efforts in Houston and help families rebuild. Please follow our efforts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If you feel so inclined, reach out to me via DM on UAF Twitter or info@unitedaidfoundation.org about volunteering and joining us on a trip (this is dirty work under harsh conditions, not a vacation FYI) or helping us financially at https://www.unitedaidfoundation.org/support-us/  where we will keep you up to date on exactly who you are helping and how.


John Alex

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