The most traumatizing situation is war

Northern Uganda has been dealt many difficult blows over the years, not the least of which was a long war that saw children abducted; forced to become soldiers after watching their parents brutally murdered.

Today Uganda has new hope, exemplified by young women like Kevin Aber.

“We all have problems,” Kevin said. “But we need to talk to someone”

United Aid Foundation sponsors Kevin as she completes a master’s degree in counseling. She wants to help Ugandans heal. “The most traumatizing situation here has been the war, ” Kevin says, followed by domestic violence, gender-based inequality, HIV/AIDS and the many problems that come with poverty in Africa.

Kevin, who lost both of her parents in the war believes everyone has an opportunity to live a healthy life. She says they need to start by stopping the cycle of getting trapped in the past. “What has already been done is done and they need help to move on with life,” she said. “I will use my experience and education to help others in my country. They need to feel like someone is out there caring for them.”

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