Holiday Greetings from United Aid Foundation!

“Tis the season” indeed, and UAF has been busy.  We responded all out to Hurricanes Maria and Harvey.

We began working in South Houston while the floodwaters were still in the streets. We’ve gutted homes and sprayed entire neighborhoods for mold.

UAF volunteers have delivered food, clothes, diapers, and baby formula.  We’ve resupplied homes with beds and cribs, stoves, microwaves, and refrigerators.

The weekend before Christmas, board member Cenovio Villa and a crew from Florida worked around the clock rebuilding kitchens for families in great need. We also helped sponsor the best Christmas party ever for over 300 kids in the area school district. Our partnership with Texas State Representative Carol Alvarado and Javier Loya from OTC Global have been critical.

While working in Houston, we joined the world in watching the growing and continuing humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico.We felt as an organization that we had to respond for our fellow citizens.  After a frustrating two weeks attempting to get on the island, we finally arrived and went to work.

With the island without power or water, we’ve made two trips. In addition to carrying critical medicines to local clinics, we delivered over 50,000 meals, 1000 solar lamps, and individual water filters capable of cleaning tens of thousands of gallons of water per day. We continue to respond with food, filters, and solar lamps through our wonderful hosts Pedro and Provimar Melendez and their family.

In addition to this work we continue to support the kids of “Deb’s House” in Romania, and sponsor two girls, Georgiana and Denisia as they attend in high school Kansas City.

UAF sponsored three volunteers on a medical mission to Uganda in September and purchased Afripads, a feminine hygiene product that often means the difference between young girls in Africa staying in school or dropping out. We continue to sponsor Kevin, a brave young woman there who has seen the struggle of war first-hand as she finishes a degree in counseling.

We continue to support house building efforts in Haiti, while our UAF team in Nepal is constantly working to make life better for people who live in extremely difficult and often dire conditions.

In 2018 United Aid Foundation will begin working with a program in Guatemala that ensures kids in school get to eat one meal per day.

I cannot be more proud of my fellow UAF team members, all volunteers with lives and families of their own, who dropped everything to respond to the needs of people who needed them.

They inspire me every day.  I want to personally thank every donor for their faith and trust in us.  We take that responsibility very seriously.

Finally, I want to wish everyone a happy holiday.  Whatever you may find in your social media feed, we are all blessed.  The people that I have met in these amazing times give me full confidence in the future.



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