Heading to Puerto Rico while helping Houston

By John Alex

October 6, 2017

Dear Friends,

We’re back here again. I have never experienced anything like the past month in my 16 years of disaster work. I have also never been as frustrated as with the situation in Puerto Rico. No way in for two weeks! It has become a true humanitarian disaster for our fellow citizens.

We leave, finally, on Sunday. We are going to the town of Comerio in the central part of the island. They have received no aid, no water, and the hospital and three of the four pharmacies were completely lost. They do not have power. We are bringing medical supplies, solar lamps, and enough water filters to generate 5000 gallons of water per day if needed. We plan to haul in food and toiletries from San Juan daily while we are there.

The UAF team is tired, physically and especially emotionally after the continuous disasters. I am certain everyone is feeling the fatigue. As I told our wonderful group of volunteers, this is what we signed up for and everyone has responded- at great personal sacrifice. I feel privileged to call them friends.

We need your kind assistance with our efforts.  Please consider giving direct aid to the people of Comerio at



John Alex

President-United Aid Foundation

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