Greetings and #Giving Tuesday

A note from Jon Schmitz, UAF Board Chairman

Friends of UAF,

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving holiday and were able to spend your holidays with loved ones.

This summer I was humbled to have been asked to Chair the Board of the United Aid Foundation and honored to be the next steward leading the organization. Since first volunteering with UAF six years ago, I have grown as an individual, made life-long friends and helped as many people as possible through both fundraising and mission trips to Haiti and Nepal.


Jon helping build houses by hauling dirt in Nepal

We all have our unique reasons for giving to and being a part of the UAF community. In accepting this role, I further reflected on why I am a part of UAF and acknowledged that this is who I am and will always be. It started when I was a young man, earning my Eagle Scout in eastern Washington State, continued with volunteering as an EMT during undergrad in the Bronx and more recently fulfilled when building houses in Haiti and Nepal. In short, UAF and leading the board combines two life-long passions of mine: Service to others and emergency preparedness.

I often think back to my time with the Boy Scouts and how applicable the motto Be Prepared is in everything we do. As I think about how we as a community can further create an impact, I plan to challenge every member of our strong UAF community to further prepare.

One immediate challenge I have for you is to considering a donation to UAF this Giving Tuesday. As we plan and prepare where we can next give direct aid to those who need it most, having your support will help us to further the mission. The ultimate goal with your donation will be further amplification of our efforts, no matter which mission we’re serving, no matter who we’re helping.

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Thank you for your consideration. Health and love to you and yours.

Jon Schmitz

Chairman of the Board, United Aid Foundation


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