Help & Hope in Louisiana

UAF volunteer reaches families in crisis

UAF volunteer Janey Alex (on the right) first reacted to the devastating floods in Louisiana by rescuing people in a truck and a kayak.  

As the flood waters have receded the crisis has deepened for families who have lost all they own. Janey Alex has now raised more than $800.00. Here Janey introduces us to one of the families she has helped. 

“This is Joyce Page from Livingston, LA.  Her grandson and his wife’s house flooded. Then her grandson had to leave because he was called up in the Reserves.  Joyce has her grandson’s wife and their infant son and young daughter and had limited diapers, wipes, bottles, cleaning supplies, and storage for clothing. We supplied those items and threw in some juice boxes and air freshener because it’s very hot, sometimes there’s no A/C, and the stagnant water can smell very bad.”

Thanks to UAF donors, Joyce and her family have what they need until their crisis has passed. 

Your donation can help others who are still waiting in Louisiana.

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