Field Update from Nepal

By UAF President John Alex

Our team responded strongly to the second earthquake in the Dolkha region (the epicenter). We delivered over 7,300 pounds of food (rice, beaten rice, lentils, noodles) with salt and oil for cooking.  We also provided tarps for shelter, buckets, water jugs, solar lamps and toiletries.


Over the vociferous protests of our nurses in Nepal, it was decided that the roads were too dangerous for them to go.

In Bhaktapur, our home base, our team is living in tents and tin homes we have constructed as temporary shelter against the monsoon season.

We sent games, coloring books, and crayons to help the kids there help get them out of disaster mode.


Our team arranged for some famous comedians to come to ‘our’ tent area and put on a show.


Barring another major earthquake, our focus is getting people out of the mud and into tin houses, which are inexpensive to build.


One of our team members has been working on a design for a sturdier home and experimenting in his own village.

We are working to get materials to the villages we have helped with military assistance and drastically improve lives.

I want to thank everyone that has helped in any way and urge you all to help United Aid Foundation keep it going.

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