Field Update

A message from United Aid Foundation President John Alex:

Shri Lamichhane is from Nepal. He now lives in Boston. Shri has been volunteering with UAF all week helping hundreds, thousands of his fellow countrymen. All of this time, his family has told him that they’re fine, they don’t need anything.

Today we visited his village.

His family compound consists of five homes, all that are still standing but the insides are destroyed and far too dangerous to enter. The family members are 50 in total, living under two tarps. There is a small one that is used for cooking.

Nepal2015_10 Nepal2015_12 Nepal2015_13
The home that Shri’s father built when he was a child, is gone.


We are having food delivered and corrugated metal for building better temporary housing. The rainy season is coming and it will be awhile, maybe years for them to rebuild.

People like Shri inspire us to do all we can.

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