Field Update

This was our second trip to Haiti with the mission of building houses. Board Members Mike Wnek and Ryan Alex lead the crew of Cenovio Villa, Christopher Vasquez, Kevin Smith, and Jonathan Schmitz. Unlike the first home building trip in September of 2011 where we shipped SIP panels to Haiti, we bought lumber in Port-au-Prince and constructed the houses entirely out of wood.

goatWe again were building homes for families in Simonet, just outside of Cabaret. We worked three days and had ten Haitians helping us. At the end of three days, the first two houses were complete, with the third house just needing a roof and paint, which was completed by the end of the fourth day. Not bad considering the temperature was 95 degrees with a heat index of 115+!

completehouseThe daughter of a neighbor of UAF President John Alex, Sarah Colvin, raised money in her fourth grade class with the goal of buying goats for families in Haiti. With the money she donated to UAF, we bought seven goats – six females and a male. We gave them to the families we built the houses for so they can have milk and begin to raise goats to sell/eat.

All in all, we built six houses for widows and children of the earthquake, gave each family a goat, provided jobs and construction training for locals in the community, and continued the mission of United Aid Foundation: providing direct aid to people in crisis.

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