Field Update

  • Ryan Alex of UAF, Levent Edepli of the Emre Fund, and Mike Wnek of Hope for Haiti Healing returned to Haiti for Memorial Day weekend.

  • The Emre Fund graciously provided soccer balls, hand puppets, coloring books, and crayons for the children at all of our stops.

  • Our main focus was on the tent city in Ganthier. To date we have now provided a constant supply of food, water, shelter, lights, and working latrines. We spent a day repairing all the tents that have been destroyed by the harsh conditions and in the anticipation of an unforgiving rainy season. We also distributed food and drinks high in vitamins and protein. The current census shows 370 families living inside.

  • They also visited Camp Hope, the destination for all the amputees from the Love A Child field hospital. They distributed food, water, medical supplies, and toys. They also assessed the needs of the camp going forward.

  • Finally, they made another stop in Delmas and provided tents to the people living there.

  • We are approaching the 6 month mark from when the earthquake struck and life is still as difficult if not worse for most. The exit of many organizations, forecasts of an extreme hurricane season, and the lack of post surgical care will undoubtedly lead to more death, disease and despair. The United Aid Foundation remains committed to those in desperate need in Haiti.

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