Field Update

UAF has mounted another humanitarian mission led by Sean Fuller, Ryan Alex, and John Alex with Mike Wnek from Hope For Haiti Healing. We teamed with our Haitian partners, Heart to Heart Caribbean Ministry, led by Daniel Thelusmar (one of the more lovely human beings on this planet). We mounted missions consisting of food, rice, oil, and water/juice to areas not yet supported in Delmas and Croix du Bouquet in Port au Prince. We visited a small orphanage in Croix du Bouquet and delivered 300 lbs of rice. We also found a tent city (without any actual tents) in Ganthier, Haiti of over 2,000 people about 15 miles from Love A Child orphanage. This new community of refugees live on a dusty gravel plot of land with a fence around it. They have no food, water, or sanitation facilities. We delivered 50 bags of 50 lb rice, oil, baby food, formula, food, water and juice to this tent city the first day and more baby food, formula, and shovels to dig latrines the next day. The local governor of Ganthier was there and we met with him to discuss their care and future. We also visited Love A Child orphanage again to assess the needs there.

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