Field Update

  • John Alex and Mary Jane Alex went to Good Samaritan Hospital (run by the U.N) in Jimani on the Dominican Border and assessed the situation. Mary Jane asked doctors and nurses for most urgent drugs and medical equipment. Requests were sent to the U.S. and two pallets of most urgent supplies were sent two days later. Most were supplied by Lee’s Summit Medical Center in Kansas City and delivered by RAM, USA (remote area medical).

  • John and Mary Jane then went on supply missions to deliver food and water in Port au Prince led by Mike Wnek from Florida.

  • As John and Mary Jane returned, the UAF sent a medical team from Kansas City with Sherry Pilsl, Josh Eucker, John Hubbard, Ken Conde, Phyliss Van Horne, and Christy Schnorf. They met in Santo Domingo and teamed with Dr. Michael Vitale, Chief of Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

  • The team first went to Barahona, DR, near the border, and performed many surgeries. They then went to Love A Child Orphanage in Haiti and have been treating victims non-stop in a makeshift hospital since. They are scheduled to leave the Haiti this Friday.

  • Meanwhile, the next UAF medical team, requested by the U.N., is scheduled to leave Monday, February 1st. This team will be led by our Medical Director, Dr. Domingo Nunez along with doctors and nurses from New York, New Jersey, and the Kansas City area. Meanwhile, John Alex and Mike Wnek from Florida are planning a humanitarian mission to the Love A Child Orphanage, which is becoming a refugee camp, and towns on the south and west sides of Port au Prince which have not yet received sufficient aid.

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